The Rose Program

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The Rose Program

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This is our basic package to get you started to detox and set a few basic goals and indicators to track you or your child's detox. This program includes 1x Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test. You’ll work with me for approximately 6 weeks. 

The Rose Program inclusions:

1 x 30 minute coaching session to obtain history
1x 30 minute functional testing evaluation and implementation
1x 15 minute detox consult
1x 15 minute follow up call
1 bottle of Advanced TRS for profound detoxification
Discounted HTMA Retest of $90
Discounted Upgrade Testing Options
Ongoing Discounted Coaching Sessions

Functional Testing and Screening

Detoxification Screen ($90 Value)
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis ($195 Value)

You don’t have to feel stuck or trapped ever again. This is about collaboration and comprehensive support. We will leverage your strengths, and help you get your life back - for you and your family.
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