The Copper Conscious Program

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The Copper Conscious Program

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The Copper Conscious Program is a program for women who tick the boxes for copper dysregulation. Copper is a huge influencer on disease and general wellness. The Copper Conscious program has been born from my own personal struggles with copper, and through my research and education it is my mission to help many women achieve manageable copper regulation, which in turn can influence a myriad of health challenges and set you on the path to true recovery. 

The copper conscious program is available exclusively for women. Copper dysregulation more often effects women, and the nature of its effects are often sensitive. The community of women who require support in this area, need a tribe around them of other women - and this program provides that.

The Copper Conscious Program inclusions:

You will work with me one on one for approximately 6 months. This process is not a "quick fix" and through exploring your individual functional testing, we can create supplementation that will take time to uncover the layers you need support with most. You will also have exclusive access to the members only Copper Conscious Facebook group for life!

1 x 30 minute coaching session to obtain history and symptoms
1x 30 minute functional testing evaluation and implementation
3x 30 minute detox/symptom support consults
1x 15 minute follow up call
1 bottle of Advanced TRS for profound detoxification
Initial HTMA test and 1x follow up HTMA within 3-6 months of initial test
MTHFR Testing (if required, if not a $70 credit will be applied for a supplement of your choice)
Thrive Package. our top 3 best selling supplements from our signature range.

Bonus Inclusions:

Discounted Upgrade Testing Options
Ongoing Discounted Coaching Sessions

Functional Testing and Screening

Detoxification Screen ($90 Value)
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis ($195 Value)
MTHFR Buccal Swab ($70 Value)
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