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SmartGut Testing

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What is the Metagenomic analysis?

The bacteria that is found throughout your digestive tract (mouth, intestines, skin and other areas within the body) is collectively referred to as your “microbiome” or your second genome.

Technology has advanced in an exciting way that now enables us to view this second genome by a specific sequencing of specific regions within the microbiome. This regions can then be assessed and identified as far down to a “species level” and each of the bacterial species is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Imagine for a second a scene out of any crime show or movie - when they are looking for DNA to capture a criminal, they need to sequence it. If the sequence is found, they can then link it to the DNA found at the scene - this is the same for this testing. If the sequence is found, the bacteria (good and bad) is found in your gut - and I can help you maximize your guts potential.


Why does this matter?

We need gut bacteria to effectively digest food and its nutrients - starting with your saliva and digestive enzymes, right down to your intestine flora - a healthy gut means a healthy you!  The gut is often referred to as our “second brain” so the microbiome within the gut relates to mood and behaviour via the gut-brain axis. Further, many gut disorders, weight gain, skin conditions and more can be linked to an unhealthy internal gut microbiome.

What will this analysis tell me?

The percentage of the types of bacteria in your gut.

The influence of bacteria and an unhealthy gut microbiome has on your overall health and wellbeing

If there are any known harmful pathogens within your gut

The influence your diet is having over your microbiome

Easy steps to change the environment within your gut with simple supplementation and dietary supports

    I help you understand the causes and go through the testing with you to assist you in understanding how your biosignature is impacting you overall.

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    Additional Information:

    • Cost includes freight and SmartDNA lab fees
    • Includes x 2 tests - initial and repeat testing kit to chart improvements
    • Once paid, SmartDNA will send you the testing kit and return envelope
    • Approximately 2-3 week lead time from when the sample is received to results
    • Includes comprehensive consult to discuss results and assist with implementing changes 
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