SmartGut Spectrum Testing

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SmartGut Spectrum Testing

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This test is revolutionary. Over 20 years, smartDNA has patented this technology to sequence bacterial signatures associated specifically with Autism. smartDNA has developed its own smartHIT™ database technology which has offered them an advantage in the field as they are able to apply advanced statistical investigations and patented methodology to analyse the bacteria in the gut of an individual with diagnosed autism to improve cognition and symptom management through improved gut health. 


The same data is examined as seen in the SmartGUT Microbiome Testing, however, this test is specifically suggested for individuals with diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder over the age of 3 years.

This is a monitoring tool first and foremost and is NOT diagnostic. The GUT Spectrum Detector™ test will monitor changes in bacteria associated with Autism, and as we work together to improve the microbiome, this test is used to correlate changes to diet and gut health with symptoms and behaviours.

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Additional Information:

  • Cost includes freight and SmartDNA lab fees
  • Includes x 2 tests - initial and repeat testing kit to chart improvements
  • Once paid, SmartDNA will send you the testing kit and return envelope
  • Approximately 2-3 week lead time from when the sample is received to results
  • Includes comprehensive consult to discuss results and assist with implementing changes 
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