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As a working Mum, Nutritionist, and Naturopath, Melissa Gearing knows how difficult it can be to give our clients everything they need in our already jam-packed consults. Applying her clinical experience working with busy families and her love of food, Mel has written From Peasant Foods to Superfoods as a resource for her fellow colleagues to help us all reach even further heights of health with our clients.

This book is the ultimate resource to use with your clients as it speaks to them with our words and philosophies and gives them a little part of you to take home with them, supporting them and reinforcing what you have talked about in clinic.

The feedback from Naturopaths in using this simple but impactful cookbook with clients has been extremely positive and we hope that it may become a much loved and used book in your clinic as well.

Educating our clients on eating nutritious and delicious food every night is achievable and affordable. Learning how to use, prepare and incorporate a base of new and old ingredients is key to tasty, exciting and healthy food.

Based on cooking for the entire family, this cookbook guides the reader through all experiences on how to integrate healthy foods into everyday life. Using ingredients we all take for granted in the kitchen, this book takes a keep it simple approach, educating readers on the benefits of food and how we can use food as our cheapest and most accessible medicine.

This book explains the simplicity of food and removes much of the confusion and fear of healthy eating. Melissa takes traditional home recipes and transforms them into nutritionally dense super-meals. She uses culinary history to shape her book and educate her readers of food origins and why we ate particular foods and should continue to do so.

From Peasant Foods to Superfoods features:
- Over 100 simple and nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts.
- Mostly a gluten-free, dairy-free approach with nut-free options.
- Practical and family-friendly one-week detox guide for those wanting to lose weight, kick start their healthy gut plan and learn how to meal prep.
- Stunning photos of each meal home-cooked with love by Mel, showcasing how easy these recipes are.
- A superfood glossary including basics like beetroot and carrot as well as our newcomers.
- Chapters on naturopathic food philosophy such as fermenting, pickling, cooking with offal and why we recommend this.
- All our naturopathic and nutritional basics with a JERF (just eat real food) approach.
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