MTHFR Testing

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MTHFR Testing

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MTHFR Buccal Swab Testing is provided through Integrative Testing company, NutriPath.

The Buccal Swab gene test is easy to complete at home and requires no external referral. It is a simple cotton swab that you use on the inside of your cheek.

This method of testing is ideal for babies, children and those afraid of needles.

It is a 100% safe and reliable method for discovering your MTHFR gene result.

Additional Information:

  • Courier and Freight Charges are included in the cost of the kit (This includes Nutripath sending the kit to you and the return envelope for the test)
  • The sample has an expiration of 30 days. Once you have taken the swab, do not delay in returning to the lab - all samples that exceed 30 days will be discarded. No refunds are offered due to Nutripath terms and conditions.
  • For any further questions or issues with ordering your test kit from our website, please email
  • For any specific questions on the testing methods, please call NutriPath on 1300 688 522.
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