HTMA Testing

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HTMA Testing

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Our environmental toxicity burden in the modern world is at an all-time high! From the foods we eat, the air we breathe - harmful toxins are all around us and to a large degree, despite our best efforts - unavoidable. These toxins, however, as the body of science grows are being increasingly linked to various hormonal issues including infertility and mental health conditions.

HTMA testing is performed to firstly assess the baseline of your detoxification abilities, often initial testing does not reveal “spikes” in metals we would expect to see in your hair. Why? You likely have methylation issues and are unable to detoxify these contaminants without chelation support.

HTMA measures the levels of heavy metals found in the hair (which is the last place the metals can be found and accurately measure as they have “left” the body) (plus over 25 important mineral ratios. The report is personalised and highlights areas of concern which we then work together to remedy.

Armed with this knowledge we can holistically prepare and support you to detoxify safely and gently. A minimum of 2 tests are suggested - one baseline, prior to commencing chelation support and a follow up at either 3 months (midway through chelation protocol) or 6 months (the end of the chelation protocol)

You can learn more about the testing here


Additional Information:

HTMA Test includes

1x HTMA Profile 2 Test
1x History and Referral Consult (15 minutes)
1x Results Consult (15-20 Minutes)

HTMA Original & Repeat Test includes

1x Inclusions above
1x Repeat Test at 3 or 6 months
1x Results Consult (15-20 Minutes)


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