Genomic Wellness Testing

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Genomic Wellness Testing

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This test covers up to 160 DNA changes that happen as we age, and in some circumstances unlocks the mystery of our genetics and its role in our personal health struggles. The SmartDNA The Genomic Wellness PLUS Test is the most comprehensive and ethically sound test on the market, as well as being the most affordable and scientifically up to date - this empowers you to improve your health with a clear understanding how to get there, with my guidance.


What will this test help me understand?

By working with me, we can unlock dietary pathways to help you eat right.

It uncovers preventative health strategies specifically to your DNA to optimize your long term health

It gives you insight into how you metabolise food and what food your body needs and thrives on for your best body composition

It looks at genes responsible for inflammation and oxidative stress and provides strategies on how to reduce your internal inflammatory environment

Inflammation is linked to many chronic diseases, this testing assesses your inflammatory weaknesses and evaluates how to improve inflammation to promote long term wellness

This test looks at the function of your liver and how it detoxifies, this can help you reduce your toxic load and start safe, effective detoxification, such as MTHFR polymorphisms

Take a look into your hormone profile and see if hormones are impacting on your day to day life and overall health

Assist you to understand the stress responses within your genetic make up and implement changes to manage stress better.

Assists you in knowing which genes assist in anti-aging and how to switch those genes “ON” so you stay youthful, longer.

Test includes:

Lipid Metabolism
Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
Sodium Sensitivity
Omega 3 and Omega 6
Methylation, Folate and cofactors
Caffeine Metabolism
Coeliac Disease
Lactose Intolerance
Oxidative Stress
Phase I Detoxification
Phase II Detoxification
Weight Management
HPA axis and Stress Responses
Sleep and Seasonal Variation
Physiognomic Integration of Genetic and Functional Variability

Additional Information:

  • Cost includes freight and SmartDNA lab fees
  • Once paid, SmartDNA will send you the testing kit and return envelope
  • Approximately 2-3 week lead time from when sample is received to results
  • Includes comprehensive consult to discuss results and assist with implementing changes 


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