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Femular is clinically proven for the relief of multiple menopausal symptoms Femular contains a specific extract of Actaea racemosa that has been shown to significantly improve the relief of a range of menopausal symptoms.

Menopausal symptoms relieved by Femular:
- Hot flushes
- Night sweats
- Sleep disturbances
- Nervousness & irritability
- Headache
- Temporary feelings of sadness

Plus relief of the menopausal symptoms of fatigue, joint pain and heart palpitations occurs with Femular High Dose (1 Femular Forte tablet or 2 Femular tablets). Femular provides more than 50% reduction in menopausal symptom severity. Symptom improvement has been seen after 1 month and significant improvement occurs after 3 months and continues to improve for a further 6 months 1-3.

Convenient dosing
Easy one a day dose.
- Mild to moderate symptoms:
1 Femular tablet daily
- Moderate to severe symptoms:
1 Femular Forte tablet or 2 Femular tablets daily.

Well defined safety and quality profile Femular has been the subject of clinical trials and ongoing worldwide safety reviews. With over 65 million daily doses sold since 2005 it has demonstrated that it is well tolerated and has no known drug interactions.Femular is a natural medicine that is manufactured in Switzerland according to high quality Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. This helps ensure a consistently reliable medicine. It is the same effective medicine that is tested in clinical trials.

Actaea racemosa (Black cohosh) is a perennial herb native to North America. Femular contains a standardised extract of Actaea racemosa (Ze 450) - manufactured according to a patented production method.
Each Femular tablet contains:
Extract equivalent to dry Actaea racemosa 42.25 mg = Ze 450 6.5 mg
Each Femular Forte tablet contains:
Extract equivalent to dry Actaea racemosa 84.5 mg = Ze 450 13 mg
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