Heal better. Feel better.
Move better. Live better.
Holistic support for mothers and their special needs children.

You have a child with additional needs -what ever the diagnosis, life as you know it has CHANGED. 

This is your opportunity to dig deeper and challenge everything you think you know. You are a victor, not a victim. Everything up to now feels like an uphill battle. Now is your opportunity to reclaim your life, recharge your spirit, and find solutions to holistically help your child.


Support is key, and you will have my support every step of the way.

The journey navigating through the special needs world requires growth - for both your child AND you. For the times when you feel like you’ve tried it all and nothing is working, through all of the sleepless nights, dealing with the symptoms of anxiety, sleep, not talking, and even hurting themselves and others - you have one choice - to fight or fall.

The truth is, motherhood is hard. Some days you may not want to get up. Your energy levels are low. The overwhelm and anxiety is high.

You’ve tried everything - and nothing has worked. And while it’s easy to take on that shame and guilt and feel as though you have failed, healing is not about blame. It’s about understanding we are all doing the best we can with what we know. And when you know better, you do better.

And that’s why you’re here.

Let me introduce myself. I'm a special needs veteran with over a decade in the game. Nothing surprises me. Nothing shocks me. Not even your child. No matter how hard. How desperate. How challenging.

Hi, I’m Karen and I help mothers of special needs children, get your life back with a loving, gentle and no-nonsense approach to self-care and support, while providing direction and a clear path of holistic management for your child to assist relieve he symptoms of Autism and other special needs.

You have a child struggling with special needs, And you may feel like your life is starting to spiral out of control.

I get it. When you have devoted your life and your identity into your child in an effort to find solutions to improve your child's quality of life, it’s easy to lose yourself in the process. And when your life starts to spiral out of control, it’s time to surrender. To say goodbye to what no longer is, but then make a decision that life has happened FOR you. To CHANGE you.

It’s important to allow yourself to feel the emotions of frustration and loss when the child you thought would be, is not. You may never understand why. But this is your chance to write a new story.


I get it.


To say goodbye to the past. Loss shapes who you are - but it doesn’t have to become what your life will be, and what your child’s life can be..

It’s time to remember how to DREAM. To take this GIFT - because ALL life is a gift - and however horrific it may seem right now - to make new choices in your life. To decide to grow. With self-compassion and a therapeutic relationship based around trust, compassion and empathy.


Together, we can move mountains.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel. With clear goals and a path - a way forward.

If you’re ready, to challenge everything you know about health and healing. To find yourself and help your child recover from the symptoms of autism and other special needs- medication-free - using diet, gut health, improved immune health, minerals & vitamins - I can help them heal from the inside out.

With the right supplements and protocols, we will cultivate a plan for healing that reflects who you are and where you are going. 

You don’t have to feel stuck or trapped ever again. This is about collaboration and comprehensive support. We will leverage your strengths, and help you get your life back - for you and your family. Now, and into the future.


 Can't wait to work with you, xx K