Functional testing
involves a series of tests that can offer long-term insights into the health of the individual, and offers personalised solutions to many health challenges. These tests are performed in independent, ethical labs that prioritise looking at the holistic nature of the individual, not just parameters that are considered normal.

As part of my service, I consult with you to unpack and implement the data with realistic solutions to help you reach your individualized goals, as well as supplement supports to assist correct any imbalances discovered through the testing.



MTHFR stands for Methylene-TetraHydroFolate Reductase - this is a particular enzyme that assists your body to convert the folate consumed in your diet into its active a useable form within the body, 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate.

There are many steps the body has to go through to convert ingested folate into active  folate 5-MTHFR. The MTHFR enzyme affects this at the last process in the conversion. If you possess a mutation within this gene, then this drastically impacts the amount of folate you have available within your body. 

Currently, we know of 34 mutations that can occur within the specific MTHFR gene. The gene itself sits on Chromosome 1, and there are 2 variants of this gene which are tested. Science is lacking and still uncovering more about MTHFR, so at present only these 2 are reliably reported on.

 You can understand more about the loss of function in relation to MTHFR C677T Heterozygous and Homozygous here

You can understand more about the loss of function in relation to MTHFR A1298C Homozygous here 

This simple, effective and easy test is performed from a simple mouth swab and can be safely performed by you in the comfort of your own home on newborns to the elderly, by using a simple cotton swab that will be mailed to you. You can order your test kit in our online shop.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Testing (HTMA)

Our environmental toxicity burden in the modern world is at all all time high! From the foods we eat, the air we breathe - harmful toxins are all around us and to a large degree, despite our best efforts - unavoidable. These toxins however, as the body of science grows are being increasingly linked to various hormonal issues including infertility and mental health conditions.

HTMA testing is performed to firstly assess the baseline of your detoxification abilities, often initial testing does not reveal “spikes” in metals we would expect to see in your hair. Why? You likely have methylation issues and are unable to detoxify these contaminants without chelation support.

HTMA measures the levels of heavy metals found in hair (which is the last place the metals can be found and accurately measure as they have “left” the body) (plus over 25 important mineral ratios. The report is personalised and highlights areas of concern which we then work together to remedy.

Armed with this knowledge we can holistically prepare and support you to detoxify safely and gently. A minimum of 2 tests are suggested - one baseline, prior to commencing chelation support and a follow up at either 3 months (midway through chelation protocol) or 6 months (the end of the chelation protocol)

You can learn more about the testing here


Smart DNA Genomic Wellness Testing

This test covers up to 160 DNA changes that happen as we age, and in some circumstances unlocks the mystery of our genetics and its role in our personal health struggles. The SmartDNA The Genomic Wellness PLUS Test is the most comprehensive and ethically sound test on the market, as well as being the most affordable and scientifically up to date - this empowers you to improve your health with a clear understanding how to get there, with my guidance.

What will this test help me understand?

By working with me, we can unlock dietary pathways to help you eat right.

It uncovers preventative health strategies specifically to your DNA to optimize your long term health

It gives you insight into how you metabolise food and what food your body needs and thrives on for your best body composition

It looks at genes responsible for inflammation and oxidative stress and provides strategies on how to reduce your internal inflammatory environment

Inflammation is linked to many chronic diseases, this testing assesses your inflammatory weaknesses and evaluates how to improve inflammation to promote long term wellness

This test looks at the function of your liver and how it detoxifies, this can help you reduce your toxic load and start safe, effective detoxification, such as MTHFR polymorphisms

Take a look into your hormone profile and see if hormones are impacting on your day to day life and overall health

Assist you to understand the stress responses within your genetic make up and implement changes to manage stress better.

Assists you in knowing which genes assist in anti-aging and how to switch those genes “ON” so you stay youthful, longer.

Test includes:

Lipid Metabolism
Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
Sodium Sensitivity
Omega 3 and Omega 6
Methylation, Folate and cofactors
Caffeine Metabolism
Coeliac Disease
Lactose Intolerance
Oxidative Stress
Phase I Detoxification
Phase II Detoxification
Weight Management
HPA axis and Stress Responses
Sleep and Seasonal Variation
Physiogenomic Integration of Genetic and Functional Variability

    The Smart GUT Microbiome Testing

    This cutting- edge testing gives you a unique insight to your overall health through your gut through 2 decades of research into leading edge DNA sequencing technology.


    What is the Metagenomic analysis?

    The bacteria that is found throughout your digestive tract (mouth, intestines, skin and other areas within the body) is collectively referred to as your “microbiome” or your second genome.

    Technology has advanced in an exciting way that now enables us to view this second genome by a specific sequencing of specific regions within the microbiome. This regions can then be assessed and identified as far down to a “species level” and each of the bacterial species is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Imagine for a second a scene out of any crime show or movie - when they are looking for DNA to capture a criminal, they need to sequence it. If the sequence is found, they can then link it to the DNA found at the scene - this is the same for this testing. If the sequence is found, the bacteria (good and bad) is found in your gut - and I can help you maximize your guts potential.


    Why does this matter?

    We need gut bacteria to effectively digest food and its nutrients - starting with your saliva and digestive enzymes, right down to your intestine flora - a healthy gut means a healthy you!  The gut is often referred to as our “second brain” so the microbiome within the gut relates to mood and behaviour via the gut-brain axis. Further, many gut disorders, weight gain, skin conditions and more can be linked to an unhealthy internal gut microbiome.

    What will this analysis tell me?

    The percentage of the types of bacteria in your gut.

    The influence bacteria and an unhealthy gut microbiome has on your overall health and wellbeing

    If there are any known harmful pathogens within your gut

    The influence your diet is having over your microbiome

    Easy steps to change the environment within your gut with simple supplementation and dietary supports

      I help you understand the causes and go through the testing with you to assist you into understanding how your biosignature is impacting you overall.

      Read more here

      GUT Spectrum Detector™


      This test is revolutionary. Over 20 years, smartDNA has patented this technology to sequence bacterial signatures associated specifically with Autism. smartDNA has developed its own smartHIT™ database technology which has offered them an advantage in the field as they are able to apply advanced statistical investigations and patented methodology to analyse the bacteria in the gut of an individual with diagnosed autism to improve cognition and symptom management through improved gut health. 

      The same data is examined as seen in the SmartGUT Microbiome Testing, however this test is specifically suggested for individuals with diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder over the age of 3 years.

      This is a monitoring tool first and foremost and is NOT diagnostic. The GUT Spectrum Detector™ test will monitor changes in bacteria associated with Autism, and as we work together to improve the microbiome, this test is used to correlate changes to diet and gut health with symptoms and behaviours.

      Read More Here 



      Additional Testing


      I also offer further testing which is available only through consultation. This is important as the testing and nature of the testing requires specific intervention and support from various health professionals to assist with the best outcomes for you and your health. Some of these tests include:

      Kryptopyrroles (Mauve Factor)

      Complete Thyroid Profile (including antibodies)

      Hormone studies