So who is The Detox Mumma you ask? Good question...

The Detox Mumma is more than just a person and a brand. It’s a community, a family and a place where you belong. A place where you can become the healthiest version of yourself, alongside like-minded people with the support from a community that cares.

KarenThe Detox Mumma was an idea born from an amazing experience with a product, that I, Karen, just had to try on my daughter who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Like many special needs families who have come before us, we had spent many countless hours researching and in turn a lot of money looking for ways to help her. Then we stumbled across a little blue bottle filled us with so much hope.

For me personally, the journey looked like this: I was exhausted. I had to contend with special needs, motherhood and shift work – all while balancing my own delicate mental health. I lived a life crippled by anxiety. Life was easier if I just talked to people online than it was in person. I had begun shut myself off from the world because I just couldn’t deal. I didn’t start on this journey with myself in mind, but what I, and many others experienced was my mood improved and my anxiety was dissipating when I started to shift the “gunc” that was holding me back – through a simple and easy to follow detox protocol.


These values underpin my motivation. What I offer is the chance to get alongside you, see where you are at and if you deem us to be a good fit, to help. I know that nothing on this earth is one-size-fits-all and maybe you won’t feel like we are a good fit, but honestly, I am yet to find someone who I have not been able to help. I am not here to “sell” you something and then leave you stranded. There will be gains, there might be challenges. As a community and mentor, I will be beside you to celebrate each success, to troubleshoot and guide you through any turbulence. Above all, there is hope. Working together, we can bring light to situations that have been hopeless and dark for so long.

As I mentioned, this is a community. In our community, we come from all walks of life. We are a group of people working together to better their mental health, ease the struggles of autoimmune conditions and detoxify our bodies to leverage our body to heal – naturally and gently. We walk together on the journey of special needs parenting and many other health challenges.

We welcome you to join our diverse community to learn more and see for yourself all the countless people who have been helped and are now helping others within our community. You can request to join my facebook group here. Want to chat? Contact me here.

xx Karen