Getting Started: Special Needs

Getting Started: Special Needs

When Claire was diagnosed with Autism, my world fell apart. What did this mean? Everything I dreamed, wanted and yearned for was suddenly ripped from underneath me. Or so it felt. Years have passed now since her diagnosis, and you know what, it has been the most wonderful experience of trial and error, much trial. Little working. A lot of wasted money.
Advanced TRS is NOT one of those wastes of money. While it has taken time, we are starting to see the fruits of Advanced TRS and now, sharing that with many other parents like yourself within Australia and the world.
Getting started with TRS with a special needs child, be it Autism, Sensory Processing, Oppositional Defiance Disorder etc needs special considerations. Only you know your child, so if your gut says to do things differently, you have the autonomy to do so.

Start Slow.

This is not a race. It is a journey to the finish line. Low and slow is much better than hard and fast – with a plethora of retracing, meltdowns etc. Firstly, the standard protocol suggests 1 spray in the PM, which would usually be before bed. Some kids are fine with this, in fact they sleep better. Others, however, are wired and awake. I always suggest afternoon, or with dinner. Not right before bed.

Suggested Protocol:

1 Spray AM – for 1 week, then re-assess.
If no increased meltdowns, altered sleep, food aversions, stimming etc: Increase to 2 sprays AM
If there are behavioural changes: continue with 1 spray AM for another week
Increase slowly, when behaviours seem settled. Instead of a “weekly” guide, I have referred to these as increases – you choose when your child is ready to progress, not a time frame that can vary so much child to child.
First Increase: 2 sprays AM
Second Increase: 2 Sprays AM 1 Spray PM
Third Increase: 2 Sprays AM 2 Sprays PM
Fourth Increase: Full Use: 2 Sprays AM 3 Sprays PM
Aim to have the PM sprays afternoon, not right before bed in the inital phase, this should help to combat insomnia as a healing reaction.
Read more about retracing and healing reactions here. If you suspect this is happening, reach out to me and we can tweak as we need to. You might need to change to every second day or take a break for a week. I will help you if you encounter this.

How Long Will We Need To Use It?

The standard suggested protocol and time of use is 6 full bottles, which is over 6 months. A child with special needs will likely need longer, and I would personally go further and say that I know Claire will be on this for life. We are starting to make some tremendous gains, but knowing what I know about the exposures to toxins all around us, shes bombarded at every turn – that needs support for the rest of her life, not only because she has Autism, but because I really believe Advanced TRS is a key to wellbeing and longevity.


Pull back your usage. We have had to have several breaks with Claire. We have been up to 3 sprays, back to 1 spray, then 1 every other day. Even stopping for a week totally! It varies – the main thing to remember is to watch your child (this includes the waste coming out – we had parasites a-plenty early days). It may not be meltdown central, it may just be sublte changes (even simply slightly darker urine, or a strange coloured BM – sorry, this part ain’t pretty) – stopping for a time does not mean you are giving up – it is recognising your child is working through some stuff and needs a break. Retracing should not be feared. This is a wonderful thing. It is a sign the immune system is coming to life once more and detoxing. TRS is aiding that, and that’s so great! Strap yourself in and hold on tight – don’t fear it but be aware. And ask for help if you need it. If it is getting too much, I am just a phone call away!

Taking Other Supplements/Medications?

You sure can! You don’t need to space out TRS from most medications, however, if you would like to 4-6 hours between TRS and other supplements/medications is advised.

Should I Use Anything To Support My LO?

I swear by Transdermal Magnesium. We roll this one on Claire before bed, and it helps her settle and sleep. Magnesium also has its own detox abilities and assists with immune function and cardiovascular health – it’s a bit of an all-rounder. Transdermal application (through the skin) is easy to use, and it works fast.
Got another question? Leave me a Comment! I would love to add more to this list, so let me know what concerns you have! If you need any support through the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! Don’t forget, we cover more broad FAQ’s here.
xx K

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