Dispelling the Myths…

Dispelling the Myths…

In the short few months that I have been facilitating the order of Advanced TRS into Australia at a discounted price, the growth has been exponential! It humbles me beyond words to support so many people within Australia and New Zealand with this life-changing product. With growth comes gossip and half-truths. I firmly believe in leading with integrity, and I want Coseva to continue to grow and change lives within Australia and NZ, and the world. With this desire, the fast-paced growth has lead to some misunderstandings, and I want to clear them up here.

1. There is aluminium in Advanced TRS.

This is simply a misunderstanding surrounding the complicated science and molecular makeup of the clinoptilolite molecule. For starters, it is not aluminium, is is alumino or to be more specific, alumino-silicate. In this form, it is bio-inert, which means as a material, it will not initiate a response or interact with the host when introduced to biological tissues. This means, simply that it will not cause a reaction within the body.
Further, alumino-silicate can be found in bentonite clay, the clay is classed as an alumino-saliciate. What this means is that the major elements contained in bentonite clay are Alumina oxide (Al2O3) and Silica (SiO2). Bentonite clay would be an entirely different substance without alumina oxide. Alumina oxide (Al203) is not Aluminium (Al). The alumina oxide in clay is a natural mineral, and quite different from the inorganic toxic form one gets from cooking with aluminium cookware or when using deodorants. This same mineral structure is the mineral that is found in clinoptilolite, the active ingredient in Advanced TRS.

2. Coseva is a MLM and it’s distributors just want to make money.

Firstly, Coseva is structured as an MLM. There is no denying that. Anyone with a savvy eye can see the structure, is typical MLM. There are some differences, however. There are distributors that you need to purchase through, but the differences between MLM and a more direct sales focus. Here are a few differences in comparison to Coseva and many of the other health and wellness companies that are structured similarly:

  • You don’t get a better price for joining
  • There are no sign-up bonuses
  • There are no “special packs”
  • We don’t have “parties”

In comparison to large health and wellness players out there in direct sales, the commission received from Coseva is very modest – the multilevel bonuses are very small in comparison.
And while I am on the soapbox about this, personally my journey to health has been a deeply personal journey. I am so thankful for people who were in my life that cared enough to share with me what they were doing. Many of those life-changing chances I took, were products from an MLM. And I would do it again – because I was supported. The person who shared with me, walked alongside me, supported and celebrated with me. It was personal. That mattered to me. That is what I give through my support group and service: support, without the YOU MUST JOIN. I can not speak for all distributors within Australia and Internationally, but I can vouch for those in my team – we only strive to get alongside you and support you – where you are at, guide you, listen and love on you as you journey to true health. You won’t ever see me telling people to become distributors: the option is there, but you need to reach out to me first.

3. Advanced TRS can’t be a zeolite.

Advanced TRS contains the active ingredient, Clinoptilolite. As per Wikipedia “Clinoptilolite is a natural zeolite comprising a microporous arrangement of silica and alumina tetrahedra.” Yes, it is a zeolite.

4. Advanced TRS groups delete negative posts and block anyone who questions the science behind TRS.

Because Coseva and TRS are experiencing huge growth, there are many TRS support groups out there. TRS Australia and New Zealand is often confused with another Australian based group. I can not vouch for how that group is run, all I can say is how I run my group, and how our sister group TRS- A safe heavy metal detox, is run. The only posts I have seen removed in our 30K plus sister group are ones that are off-topic or have become verbally abusive. I have never witnessed any of the Admins remove posts that challenge the science, in fact, quite the opposite. The grace and patience shown by the admins are amazing and spurs me on to lead with the same integrity. I do my best within the group to support members and answer the science questions and concerns raised. I am not here to convince you, but I encourage you to do your own research – ultimately, your health is in your hands.

5. There is no science that proves Advanced TRS can detox heavy metals.

You are welcome to start here and have a read.
Or have a watch of this video from the creator, here.
Need more?

  1.  Natural zeolites chabazite/phillipsite/analcime increase blood levels of antioxidant enzymes.
  2. Clinical evidence supporting the use of an activated clinoptilolite suspension as an agent to increase urinary excretion of toxic heavy metals.
  3.  Modified natural clinoptilolite detoxifies small mammal’s organism loaded with lead I. Lead disposition and kinetic model for lead bioaccumulation.
  4. Enterex: anti-diarrheic drug based on purified natural clinoptilolite (PDF)

There are many, many more studies – this is just a dip in the ocean. Also, many members have before and after hair mineral analysis done, the results are compelling. While this isn’t a “paper” or “study” there are plenty of proofs that many people are seeing the benefits claimed.

6. There are no studies on Advanced TRS specifically.

This is a tricky one. Coseva is a small health and wellness company and studies are expensive. Without the billions behind them, it is hard to obtain researchers to conduct such a study. My hope is as Coseva grows, this will become an option and will be explored. There is certainly an abundance of research on the ingredient through, as evidenced above.

7. You have to take Advanced TRS your whole life!

False! The suggested timeframe to take TRS is 6 months or 6 bottles – whichever comes first. This is an adequate time as set out by the creator, Dr Holdford, to see gains and improvements within your life. Dr Holford states that in order to see excretion of heavy metals and other toxins, 6 months is a good time frame.
I personally will continue to use TRS well into the future. Why? Because every day my body is bombarded with an array of chemicals from my food, the air I breathe, the water I drink – there are metals and toxins saturating our environment, so from a wellness perspective, I won’t be stopping using TRS, but – as far as it being a “requirement” to use it for your whole life, that is simply untrue.
I hope this helps to dispell some myths out there on Advanced TRS. I have to say, this has been such a life-changing rollercoaster for me, I really urge you to do your research. Ask questions. Reach out. And if you are comfortable, join me on this whirlwind. Your health depends on it.
In Health,
Karen 🙂

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