Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Advanced TRS

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Advanced TRS

One question I am getting a lot lately is “I am breastfeeding, can I still use TRS?” I totally get that. I want to answer it as fully and comprehensively as I can – as Mum’s we are starting TRS to support our family and to lead them to health – that includes the awesome choice to breastfeed. Good on you mama, that is NO easy feat. You are a champion for mastering the skill to feed, I was not so fortunate!

So is Advanced TRS safe when pregnant and breastfeeding? Yes!! It is. Let’s explore this a bit now.

One often asked question goes further and just breastfeeding and pregnancy, people are concerned about the implications of a heavy metal detox also when trying to conceive. All of these seasons are given a big tick of approval alongside TRS.

Please click here to watch an one minute clip of the answer from Dr Holdford, the developer of TRS. He explains from his standpoint as the creator, that yes – it is safe.

However, this is a personal choice, so I understand, you need more information and clarity around it, so here is some more info for you. My amazing friend, Shannon, explained this exceptionally well in TRS: A Safe Heavy Metals Detox (if you are not a member of this group, please join here. You will need to answer some questions, cite “The Detox Mumma” as your distributor):

“The way TRS works is it encapsulates toxins and carries them out “caged” so they are then harmless and inert. They leave through urine, bowels, and sweat and do not accumulate or stay in the body. They are not supposed to go through breastmilk, but if they did, they could not harm because they are encapsulated. The science shows that it is very safe to breastfeed while using TRS. In fact, zeolites are used widely in the dairy industry to “clean up” the milk and improvements are seen in both the hygiene and quality of the milk along with the improved health of the nurslings.
There are many moms in our TRS group who are nursing and using TRS and mom and babies are all thriving. If you are giving TRS to your baby, he is double protected. Knowing what I know after researching, I would not hesitate to breastfeed while using TRS.”

Further, here are some studies to research when considering nursing on TRS these studies show how supplementation of Zeolite supported nursing mammals:

Study One showed: -> improved fat percentages in milk + improved milk hygiene

Study Two showed: -> no adverse long term effects

Study Three showed:-> reduced concentrations of aflatoxins in milk

Study Four showed:-> long term supplementation of zeolites lead to improved reproductive performance and health

I hope this helps you, and once again, you are such a champion for looking into TRS, breastfeeding and loving your kids to the point you are making great changes to them and leaving a non-toxic family legacy, you amaze me!

xx Karen

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